What's next for Bitcoin?

Is Bitcoin going to $500,000?

Bitcoin (BTC) is soaring this year. Is it going to $500,000? Some say yes. Others say even higher. In April, Blockchain CEO and co-founder Peter Smith and venture capitalist Jeremy Liew suggested that BTC will reach $500k.

“In a presentation sent to Business Insider, the duo laid out their case for why it’s reasonable for bitcoin to explode to $500,000 by 2030.”

BTC history

A little over 9 years ago in 2008, bitcoin.org was registered. Bitcoin came on to the scene in 2009 valued at $0. By 2015 it was worth $250 per coin. 2016 came to an end with BTC worth around $800.

What’s next for Bitcoin?

Fast-forward to August 2017 and Bitcoin’s meteoric rise just crossed $4,600 today! Can you imagine a $500,000 price for each BTC? Computer security legend and Bitcoin miner John McAfee is certain that it will happen within 3 years and could soar to millions of dollars.

Recently, BitcoinIRA published a helpful infographic charting BTC’s rise.

Bitcoin headed to $500,000 infographic

About the infographic

Image credits and infographic: BitcoinIRA.com


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